The raspberry cake

Cooking happened behind the scenes in the last few years. I learnt a lot and cooking has remained a big passion and inspiration, now ready to be shared again!

I kick off the series with a delicious raspberry cake that I prepared to celebrate my best neighbor.


RASPBERRY CAKE (8 servings)

140g butter

140g brown sugar

140g flour

4 eggs

140g grounded almonds

20g almost flakes

1 teaspoon baking powder



150g raspberries (cam also be frozen)

2 tablespoon of sugar



150g white chocolate

100ml heavy cream

I started by mixing the butter at room temperature with the sugar until it turned into a soft mixture, then I added the eggs, almonds, followed by a rain of flour mixed with the baking powder. The soft mixture, quite dense actually, went into a cake tray with detachable bottom and then in the oven at 180 degrees until it went golden, shortly before turning brown…joking 🙂

I let the cake chill; meanwhile I prepared the jam and the chocolate ganache. For the jam I simply blended the raspberries, then added sugar and stirred every now and then until it thickened having the consistency of a more liquid jam, as it will get thickened when it cools down.  For the ganache, easy to remember 1 part heavy cream, 1.5 chocolate. I broke the chocolate into small bits, then added into the almost boiling heaving cream (make sure the heavy cream does not reach the boiling point). With this, the baking is done, now comes the assembling. First layer on the cake was the raspberry jam, then the chocolate, then the fresh and delicious raspberries and on top some green pistachio to give it a kick of colour.

We all ate two slices to ensure there is no cake left anymore, in the end why bake and not eat it all? Moderation in eating sweets has never been my strength and I have chosen my friends carefully.

This is it, I leave you for now. Bake now, eat later and run tomorrow 🙂

Until we get a savory dish, I ll leave you here, throw a look around, the recipes are still worthwhile.


Yours truly, twins LCH & LBH

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